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COL aims to be the most trusted wealth-building partner of every Filipino by helping them take control of their financial future by providing innovative, value-driven solutions, and easily accessible tools.

Established in 1999, COL Financial Group, Inc. (COL) is the leading online financial services provider in the Philippines. COL prides itself in making investing in the stock market accessible to everyone through its user-friendly online trading platform, which not only allows clients to manage their stock portfolios but also provides access to COL Fund Source, the leading online mutual fund supermarket in the Philippines. Additionally, COL helps investors take advantage of stock market opportunities by sharing knowledge and market expertise, and by offering access to expert opinions and comprehensive research through the Company's website. Moreover, COL provides continuous education and guidance to its clients through readily-available seminars, exclusive events, and dedicated customer support.

COL has a wholly-owned subsidiary, COL Securities (HK) Limited or COL HK. This subsidiary provides online stock brokerage services to Filipinos who want to invest in stocks listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the global markets.


To be the best and most trusted investment service provider for Filipino investors.


  1. To provide the best investing experience in everything that we do that will result in sustainable wealth creation for our customers.
  2. To provide a conducive and rewarding work environment for our employees.
  3. To create long-term value for our shareholders.


  1. Passion - the drive to produce results beyond expectations.
  2. Integrity - do the right thing at all times.
  3. Commitment - unwavering dedication to take positive action that delivers desired results.
  4. Excellence - focused purpose for continuous improvement.
  5. Teamwork - the "we" before the "me" working together to achieve the common goal.

Board of Directors, Management & Executive Officers

  • Board of Directors
  • Management & Executive Officers

Authorized Representatives

  • COL Business Center Pasig – Head Office
  • COL Investor Center Cebu
  • COL Investor Center Davao

Licensed Sales Representatives

  • Private Clients Group
  • Independent Financial Advisor
  • Institutional Business Group

Other Authorized Representatives


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Disclosures and Presentations

Corporate Governance

Board Committees and Members

Compensation and Remuneration Committee
Alexander C. Yu Chairman
Wellington C. Yu Member
Catherine L. Ong Member
Roberto C. Benares Member
Audit Committee
Betty C. Siy-Yap Chairman
Raymond C. Yu Member
Hernan G. Lim Member
Wellington C. Yu Member
Nomination Committee
Arthur Gerrard Gindap Chairman
Alexander C. Yu Member
Sharon T. Lim Member

Corporate Social Responsibility

Initiative Beneficiary
Investor Education Initiatives (ongoing) Open to the Public
Tree Planting Activity (2012) Old Sanitary Landfill, Antipolo City
Protect a Hectare (2013 & 2014) La Mesa Watershed

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More than just a portal for you to trade, COL Financial is a partner fully committed to help you invest wisely in the stock market. By working with us, you gain immediate access to everything you need to help you succeed.

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